Organizing Bookmarks Toolbar for Ease of Use in Firefox


Bookmarks or favorites are one way to keep your popular web links under your reach at any time. It is quite essential to have organized bookmarks. Bookmarks can be found if you press the following combination: ctrl + shift + b. You can also access to your bookmarks through the menu by clicking on the orange Firefox icon on top left corner of your browser. You can store many bookmarks in an organized way if you like. However, to make it even easier and quicker to access your popular links, you should use the “Bookmarks Toolbar”.


Address Bar, Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox

I would like to show two ways how you can make the most of your toolbar.

2014-04-01_15441. ICON ONLY: Let’s say you want to keep Facebook at your disposal, that is, with one click you want to reach it instead of typing “” on your address bar, etc. You can follow these steps:

  • Step1 – Go to Facebook.
  • Step 2 – Press “ctrl + D”.
  • Step 3 – In the drop-down menu next to where it says “Folder”, choose “Bookmarks Toolbar”.
Add to Bookmarks Toolbar

Add to Bookmarks Toolbar

Now, you should be able to see your Facebook bookmark on the bookmarks toolbar. Yet, the word “Facebook” next to the Facebook icon makes it long and to reduce the space it takes, you can do this: right click on your Facebook bookmark and choose “Properties”. Then simply delete the name area and leave it blank. Once you save it, you will see that there will be only the icon itself there. Since the icon is extremely familiar to everyone, it will not be a problem to remember what it is. Even if you forget an icon, when you hover your cursor of your mouse over the icon, the content will be shown to you.

2. FOLDER: If you already have a collection of bookmarks under a folder; for instance, you collected all vocabulary related links under a folder named “vocab”, you can place that folder in the Bookmarks Toolbar, too. For this, you can follow these steps:

  • Step 1 – press “ctrl + shift + b” to open the Firefox library.
  • Step 2 – right click on the folder you want to put on the Bookmarks Toolbar, and copy it.
  • Step 3 – right click on the Bookmarks Toolbar and choose “Paste”.

Make the name as short as possible

So, basically you copied a folder and pasted it on the Bookmarks Toolbar. But this way you can reach many links at the same time.

Open All in Tabs

Open All in Tabs

For example, let’s say there are 5 sites you want to open every morning. Keep them in a folder with a name you like. Follow the steps above. Next time, when you turn on your laptop or computer, after you start Firefox, right click on this folder and choose “Open All in Tabs”. I guess this will save you some time.

Acknowledgements: Icons on the Bookmarks Toolbar idea occurred to me when I was watching Jim Scrivener‘s slides during his plenary at TELT conference.  I noticed how he organized his browser and that gave me the idea of this post.

I had no idea that it was possible to copy a folder on the Bookmarks Toolbar until I bumped into a Google image whilst looking for a screen shot of Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar.


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