VOSCREEN: a fun tool to learn&practice languages


I knew about this tool long before when it was in the project stage – which I thought was a brilliant idea. In a nutshell, you watch a really short extract from visual media (film, series, ads, etc.) and choose from two options the correct transcription. When you google “voscreen”, here is what you’ll see:

001When you click on the link, it asks you to choose your mother tongue:

002You can then sign up if you want or just to see how it feels, you can play as a guest. If you sign up, you will be able to monitor your progress and your scores, etc. You can also edit your profile and upload a photo.


I should work on my score 🙂

How it works

When you start using this tool, you’ll see that the video is covering most of the screen. After you press the play button, you watch the short extract around five seconds.

005You can watch it again if you like. Now, you are expected to figure out what the representations in the middle of the boxes below the video mean. In the development stages, there used to be “yeah, I got it” and “I’m not really sure” options. My guess is that the lines with a diagonal red line over means “I’m not really sure” and the one without the red line means “yeah, I got it”. After, you choose one, you’ll be shown the transcripts. If the video you watched is in the target language, the transcript will be in your mother tongue and vice versa.

006You’ll notice that on the right, there’s a timer counting down from 15 seconds. The quicker you answer, the more scores you can get. If your answer is right, the box will turn green, if wrong then red. After 15 seconds, the correct answer will be revealed if you don’t click on anything.

007The developers claim that they have a special algorithm that is the heart of this tool. So, this tool will react according to your level and your progression. Some videos will be repeated according to this algorithm until mastered and the level will gradually go up.

I used this tool in my lessons by projecting my laptop on the screen and I gave my students the wireless mouse and they would take turns as they pass the mouse over. They really had fun. I know for a fact that some students kept using it after that lesson.

One concern would be that this tool didn’t seem to work on my iPhone and I don’t know whether it works on Android. It’s certainly great on a computer or laptop.


and the info link: http://www.voscreen.com/About

4 thoughts on “VOSCREEN: a fun tool to learn&practice languages

    • Thank you. I introduced it to a class today and 2 out of 10 were still using it during the break time. I guess that shows how much they enjoy. (Ps all our students are given laptops by the school – Sabanci University – Istanbul)

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