Web Based Activity on Common Cold


I’d like to share a web based material in this post. It’s best suitable for intermediate and above levels. Students will need to use, ideally, a laptop with the Internet connection. They can, however, use their mobile devices and in that case you may advice them to download one of these browser apps since the websites they will surf during the activity require flash player.

You can email the material or share it on a platform such as padlet, moodle, google drive, etc. Instructions are included in the material; however, you may inform your students that they will do a series of reading and some quizzes on the knowledge of common cold. Ask them to take notes because they will use their notes when preparing their posters as a follow-up activity.

web activity common cold (MS Word format – docx)

web activity common cold (PDF format)


Follow-up Activity

The follow-up activity is basically a poster presentation. I ask them to do it using their notes and MS PowerPoint; however, as well as paper poster you may ask them to use tools such as tackk, canva to prepare their posters. I show them the poster sample below and ask them to design their poster in a way that it should attract passing students/instructors that they would stop and look at the poster on the walls of the corridors of School of Languages. The fact that their posters are being displayed motivates them.

poster presentation sample

I also ask students to “save as” their PowerPoint files as “jpg, jpeg, or gif” file so that they can be color printed in A3 (preferably) or A4 format. The print outs then go on the corridor walls to be displayed.



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