Top 5 Mobile Apps Research Data



I used SurveyMonkey to collect the data from the students who study at a private university in Istanbul -Turkey. The students are from different levels and using my “manager” role in our current Course Management System, namely “Moodle”, I was able to send around 400 students an email with the link of the questionnaire. I assured them that it would take no more than two minutes. 92 students took part in the survey in two days (7-8.04.2014) I asked them two questions in their native language.

Survey Questions

1. What make is your smart phone?

2. Name the top 5 apps that you frequently use. You are free to write more than 5.

Question 1

According to the data, 66 students out of 92 (72%) use an iPhone. Here is the breakdown:

  • iPhone 5 = 54 students
  • iPhone 4 = 12 students

19 students (21%) say that they use Samsung. Here is the breakdown:

  • S4 = 10
  • S4mini = 1
  • S3 = 2
  • S2 = 1
  • Note3 = 2
  • Note2 = 1
  • Mega = 1
  • Galaxy mini = 1

The rest which makes 7% use the following phones:

  • Sony Experia = 2
  • Blackberry = 2
  • General Mobile = 2
  • HTC One = 1
Question 2

Analyzing the data for question 2 took quite a long time. I used a software called “Antconc” to sort the names of the apps. I had to do some editing, such as correcting spelling and standardized form of words to ease the analysis of the data. The procedure is to edit the raw data which was copied from surveymonkey website and pasted on a Word document then to copy the edited data into a simple text file and open the file with Antconc. Here is the word count analysis of the data:

antconc data

antconc data

Click here for the raw data: surveymonkeyresults_rawdata

Click here for the edited data: surveymonkeyresults_editeddata

Click here for the complete list: full_list


The results show us that as teachers we need to find ways to implement the top apps in our teaching. The students keep using them. Here are some ideas:

1. Instagram
2. Whatsapp
3. Twitter
4. Snapchat
5. Facebook


IBB Cep Trafik: This app shows the traffic density on some certain main streets. It’s very useful for drivers especially in Istanbul. I use it everyday.

ibb-cep-trafik-2MySU & iSabanci: These are the apps developed by Sabanci University IT department. They contain useful info about courses, academic calendar, grades, etc.

mysuisabanciTureng: This is a bilingual dictionary – Turkish to English & English to Turkish.

Akbank Direkt: This is the app for a bank.

Maçkolik: This is an app for those who are interested in football.


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